Presario 9546

CPU: Pentium, 100mhz

RAM: (!)


OS: Windows 95

I picked this system from the side of the road, it had probably been sitting in a shed, covered in dirt, filled with dust and even a rat's nest, and there was almsot no connection free of rust.

When I said rat's nest, this was no metaphor, there was a real rodent living in the computer, the led/power button cable was chewed up and torn, the floppy cable was also torn apart, there was feces and bugs inside of it. All in all, this made for on of my hardest repairs

After a hard day of work I managed to get the computer to work, although there are still problems, the SIMM pins are bent and corroded, causing the ram to often not be detected. Cleaning the pins and bending them forward will fix it temporarily but it will often stop detecting again. There are also problems with sound, the integrated sound chip worked when I first got the computer, under windows 98, but after installing windows 95, it could not be detected by any drivers I tired. More recently, The power LED went out and it once even refused to turn on.

Compaq Presario 9546 windows 95 desktop pentium

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