Pentium 3 Desktop

CPU: Pentium 3, 733mhz, socket 370

RAM: PC-133, 192mb (3x64)


GPU: Ge Force MX 4000 (128mb)

OS: Windows 98 SE (Plus)

I bought this machine around 2020 for $25 at a computer reseller. It was my first "real" obsolete gaming rig, a computer that truly felt complete. Everything I had before was from the early 2000s, running Win XP. This machine was different.

This computer has gone through a plethora of changes, when I first got it, it was equipped with one floppy drive, and a 52x cd rom. It had 1 stick of 64mb ram and the Ge Force MX. It also had a ton of strange networking cards, a wireless card, and 2 modem cards. Over time it was upgraded with a removable hdd caddy (with a crazy fast 500gb hard drive), a different cd-rom, and a zip drive.

The shitty Intel Motherboard had some leaking caps that were quickly replaced, I also added a fan to the GPU, although it sometimes refuses to start. Overall this machine has been a breeze to work on and remains a powerful and modular workhorse to this day.

Pentium 3 Desktop Pentium 3 Desktop Pentium 3 Desktop Pentium 3 Desktop Pentium 3 Desktop

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