PS/1 Consultant


CPU: 486DX, 33mhz

RAM: 4mb

HD: 211mb


OS: Windows 3.1

I scooped this system up at the flea market for a whole $100, including the monitor and the IBM mouse.

When I first got it, the computer had a bad PSU, after a quick replacement, it booted right into windows 3.1. I added the cd rom drive, it originally came with only the 2 fdds.

You may have noticed that the little "flap" that would usually cover the fdds is missing, the clips that held it in place and let it swivel broke off before I even got the computer, though I still do own the flap it seems to break into more and more pieces every time I try to glue it together.

IBM PS/1 Consultant windows 3.1 computer, intel 486

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