RS/6000 E20

CPU: PowerPC 604, 100mhz

RAM: 64mb

VIDEO: S3 Trio 64v+

HD: 250 GB SCSI (originally 2 ibm scsi drives)



This computer was a huge pain to restore, I bought it from some guy for $100 on offerup as a "not showing video" system

The reason it was not displaying a picture was probably because the video card I got it with was a generic isa vga card, probably dropped in by a previous owner trying to restore the system.

It took me around a year to actually get this machine back on it's feet, I bought a IBM Power GXT 150P but that ended up only stalling the system and getting me nowhere.

Eventually, after removing the ibm network cards, putting in a S3 Video card that I was suggested could work, and replacing the old hard drives with one, faster, larger, and quieter one, the computer gave me a picture and was ready for AIX.

Over the years the shell has sustained some damage, the front door of the computer has cracked and broken off in multiple parts, ive glued them together and it looks fine although it remains very brittle. There is also damage on the POST indicator, since the pictures on this website were uploaded it has gotten worse, after a botched repair attempt, I accidentally ripped the cable to the LCD and really messed up the plastic bezel.

I will eventually upload some better pictures of the machine running AIX.

IBM risc system RS6000 E20 IBM risc system RS6000 E20

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