SPC 3000V

CPU: 8088 4.77/10mhz

RAM: 640k


VIDEO: ATI Small Wonder CGA


OS: DOS 6.22

I got this system locally for $100 with the matching keyboard and monitor. After cleaning the corrosion from the mobo where the clock battery leaked it booted up without any problems.

The hard drive was unsurprisingly dead so I swapped it with a 720k floppy drive (its actually a 1.44mb drive with a card edge adapted).

The greatest issue with this machine was that a little plastic lever that pushed down the head in the 360k fdd snapped, after a moderate amount of glueing, the drive is as good as new.

Another issue arose not with the machine, but with the keyboard, the switch for the spacebar was dead, so I swapped the switch from the spacebar with the right shift.

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Samsung SPC-3000V PC XT

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