SPARCstation IPX

CPU: 40 MHz Fujitsu MB86903

RAM: 40mb

HD: 32gb ZULUscsi


OS: Solaris 1.1.2

I won a Ebay auction for this machine, getting it for the low price of $31 (plus 30 shipping)

It arrived missing the RAM and Hard Drive. After throwing in 40mb of ram, getting a adapter for the 13w3 video connector, I realized that it needed a keyboard to actually boot.

The luckiest thing to come ot of this computer was not the computer itself, but the fact that it made me look for a sun keyboard, not wanting to spend twice the price of the computer for a keyboard, I managed to find a obscure listing for a NIB type 5 keyboard and mouse for a jaw dropping $40.

Through some once in a lifetime luck, this amazing Unix system has been added to my ever expanding collection.

I really need to add better photos.

Sun SPARCstation IPX Unix Computer

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