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GREETINGS TRAVELLER! and welcome the miru homepage I dont know how you found this page, but you did. And now you are here, are you proud of yourself? Well you should be, as you have just found yourself on one of the websites ever made. Thats right, I sat down and made a website. This is a website, that I made, and you are currently looking at. Do you like mediocre games, mediocre art, and even more mediocerer writing with constant spelling mistakes because VS code dosent have a spell checker? Well if you dont, then leave. And if you do, still leave. But while you havent done the aforementioned leaveing, please do enjoy the Miru homepage! Miru and associates are not responsible for any damages caused by prolonged exposure to the Miru hompage, if you have any complaints, please take them to the nearest paper shredder for careful considiration. Click Here for more info about the dangers of Miru homepage
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