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Its'a me! Miru


hello there.

name: Miru
real name: Skroinkle Quingledangle the third. Sammson spinning gif
age: at least 16

github: MirrorMiru
phone: yeah
fax: why not
discord: Miru#4732
skrumblo: boinky

i am a (very) amature game dev and like to make lines on a canvas.
i can read javascript, html, css, and react native as can be seen in this "website".
i enjoy hoarding old comupters and other peculiar technological items from the 90s and early 2000s.
not that it matters but another thing i enjoy is wacky eastern cartoons (and wacky western cartoons).
also lego is cool i think (especially bionicle (i love boinkle))

the creature observed in this box is called sammy and is my mascot that i will ocassionaly fabricate with the use of a samsung galaxy note 9 Samsung Galaxy S22 Ultra and ibsi paint x, a progarm that i rather enjoy.

Copirite MIRU. 2022