I need to edit the source to actually update this

The Index Update!
Longer time no update! I gave the index.html a big upadte, a bunch of gifs and geocities goodness I don't even think I mentioned it, but a while ago I updated the games page too. Now the rest of the site looks a bit outdated. I'll start workinhg on the rest of the site soon, I want to add some kind of interactive museum on the computers page, like a point and click of my house. that would be cool i think. 2/22/2024
The Webcomic Update!
Long time no update! Fixed up some pages and removed some jank But also... NEW WEBCOMIC!!! Finally the old and horrid objective can stop haunting me. And the new one can probably never be finished! Anyway, I got more of it done in it's first update than the entirety of the old objective (I think) Pretty hard to tell when they are entirely different formats Its honestly kinda untrue calling OBJ2 a web comic. Its more of a choose your own adventure ... a homestucklike? 8/9/2023
The Flash Update!
Embedded Ruffle and added a bunch of flash games to the games section of my website. Now I can finally have fun at school. 5/2/2023
Website Reworks
Large updates to the site, moved a lot of images off of imgur and into the repo, also added alt text to help with SEO. Im trying to fix my indexing issues right now because the site was a real mess when it first went up. 3/23/2023
Awesome Haul
Got these at the flea market. Once I restore these, ill make some pages for them on the museum page. Old computers in trunk of car 3/23/2023
Finsihed Above Steel Bars
Im too tired to even type rn. It isnt perfect, the ending is kinda wonk, but so is like, the rest of the game. Its finally finished though. After way too long. 2/22/2023
Finally working on this
Massive overhaul to the computer museum, so much of this website is written so poorly comparged to the newer pages. 2/18/2023
I bought a domain! (also the last post was exactly a month ago lol) 1/13/2023
Yet another game
I am once again darwing sprites for a game jam. It will be quite a while till this one comes out as we have a long time limit. The game will be the most complex thing ive worked on so far. More updates to come as we move on with development. 12/13/2022
Titles Added
Considering im too lazy and stubborn to use like Coppermine or somthing for image hosting, I am only now implementing simple features, like titles, to my art archive. Im only going to add these to the definitive 2022 gallery and everything made afterwards. My next srep with the gallery would be better thumbnails and a image viewer that dosent just open the image url. But before I do much with the gallery, I shoudl focus on finishing other parts of the site, im planning on making a way better browser for my collection (at least the computer portion), this will come at the cost of thumbnails though. Ill burn that bridge when I get there though, there is quite a bit of work left unil; I can even really start the collection section. 12/7/2022
Le Cache
Cleared my cache and now it works. Bruh. 12/6/2022
no backend?
My janky workaround for a wesite backend was originally just pushing commits from github desktop. But for some reason its seems that pages isnt updating at the same time (or even close to the same time) a the repo. Ive waited for like 3 hours for a small change in my gallery. This might be harder than I expected... 12/6/2022
Another one
I bought a new old (huh) computer yesterday. $100 for the machine, its matching monitor, and the matching keaboard. It's a samsung spc 3000v, a PC XT clone with a 8088 at its core. The computer seems to be some generic design that was lisenced out to random companies, a notable example is a Packard Bell model. There isnt much info about it online, and I havent played around with the machine yet, and wont for quite a while as my house is undergoing mantinence. I removed the barrel battery that has sadly leaked and caused a bit of corrosion on the board, the main victim of the corrsosion is a notable power trace. I applied some battery corrosion remover and rubbed it down with isopropyl. Apart from that, its really clean inside, I dont know if the hard drive survived the trip home, but it wouldnt be all that much of a tragedy if it didnt. Another small issue is a plastic lever in the 5.25" fdd broke off and now the head wont go down, its an easy enough fix as the lever is exposed and at the very top of the drive though. I have attached a pic of a simmilar machine, when I eventually get the collection section of the site working ill be sure to document it in full. 12/5/2022
English video presentation happening right this isntant. Im the one speaking. I want to nocilp out of the room. I kinda messed teh video up and frogot to crop it so there are just really big black bezels. gahhhhhhh 12/5/2022
Github Game Jam!
For the recent Github Game Jam, the game design club that I participate in made a small game. Very small, we had a month to work, but in true high-school fashion we did it in the last 2 days. I was the one to provide all of the ingame sprites and feel like the entire game came out quite well despite its brevity. Heres the itch page! 12/2/2022
bye bye drive!
At one point this website hosted off-site images via drive, after that proved unreliable, annoying to implement, and luggish, i have switched to the far more logical option of using Imgur. May fast loading times and easily pastable links be with you. 11/18/2022
New Phone and website update
Drew this on my s22, I can say that the larger screen feels way better and I really enjoy the way if feels like my pen is just gliding across the screen. Thats probably because I havent completeley worn out the rubber tip yet, or just due to the novelty of a brand new device. I also made some changes to the site, I can save space and have better organization if I keep the images hosted off-site, so I decided to use drive as there is really no danger of it shuting down. There was some trouble embedding the link, ofcourse Google would never let me just link the image as any respectable company would do, but with a quick coversion, the image should be showing up jsut fine. 11/15/2022
3D modeling is hard
Decided to give 3D modeling a shot. Because I still dont have a proper drawing tablet, I dwnloaded this progtam called Nomad Sculpt onto my new S22 Ultra. The program is perfectly fine, if not a bit cramped on a phone, and is almost identical to Blender's ZBrush from what ive heard. You can find my model in the little "NEW CONTENT" popup on the front page, it probably wont be too good for animation, and the hands are off, but for a first attempt, im proud of it. I included a download of the model as i find it prints rather well with the propper supports and settings. Ill be sure to mess around with suclpting soon, and might even give 3D animation a shot, the actual animating part seems way easier than traditional 2D animation, so my only hurdle is making a suitable model. 11/14/2022
WVGDC Game Jam (post 1)
My highschool has a coding club, and sometimes we have game jams. For the first one, me and one other person (although we were a group of 5) made a cool little aracde game. It's far from perfect, and dosent have all the features I originally intended it to, but it works. Ill try to get the game running on the website eventually, and post some of the unused art in the sprites section of my archive that im planning to add someday. 11/10/2022
Site work post hiatus
I abandoned this project a while ago, but after someone I knew started work on their own website, I decided to continute this project. I finally added a horizontal scrollbar to the "collection section of my website, and I added a "functional" art browser. Clicking of the images will open the file. In the future, ill rework the games section and moves some of the files to a external server. I also need to wait till construction is over at my house to get images for my collection. 11/10/2022
if you are reading this, that meants the thing i wrote is probably working, not that this is all that impressive. 5/27/2022
just seeing if the scrolling works. 5/27/2022

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