CAUTION! IN ACCORDANCE TO WORLD WIDE WEB PROPOSITION 69, WE ARE FORCED TO DISCLOSE THE FOLLOWING INFORMATION. Continued exposure to Miru homepage, any webisites adjecent to or derivative from Miru homepage may cause the following effects. Miru, Miru hompage, any any associates are not resposible for any damages, permanent or otherwise, caused dircetly or indirectly by Miru homepage. The effects of Miru homepage may include but are not limited to: blindeness (permanent or temporary), nausea, visual and auditory hallucination, seizure, immediate brain death, kidney failure, hightened blood sugar, spontanious noclipping, teleportation (possibly to a different dimension), amneisa, demantia, colon failure, and many more. If you suddenly start beliveng that you are a certian "Quimblebop, son of Zoinkberg, Grand Duke of Dimpleland" and have the sudden urge to set to sea and colonize "Swindletopia" seek medical attention immediatley, although it is probably far too late. We will not offer compenation nor offer assitance in colonizing the aforemntioned "Swindletopia".

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